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Introducing Allysa and Scientific Illustrations to DANTAisms!

Hello! My name is Allysa Hallett, and I will be contributing scientific and artistic illustrations to the DANTAisms blog, most of which will highlight tropical plant and animal species. Sometimes these drawings will focus on subjects that are important to tropical ecological communities, and at other times they might focus on subjects that are important to tropical agriculture. Wherever they

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Follow Your Stubborn Dream

My name is Lisa Barrett, and I am a contributing author of this new and exciting blog! For my first entry, I will introduce myself and give some background about how I have come to be where I am today. Even as an undergrad who chose to study Evolutionary Anthropology 10 hours away from home, I wasn’t positive about what

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How DANTA introduced me to new friends, fieldwork, and professionalism

I participated in the DANTA primate field course during the summer of 2011 following my sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Growing up with Dr. Jane Goodall as my role model and the popularized image of her work, I always dreamt of observing wild primates. After two years of college, I became engrossed in theoretical topics in behavioral ecology

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Hey everyone! So now is the time I go a little more in depth on how exactly I became interested in non-human primates. It is very difficult for me to pinpoint exactly where my interest began. I first became fascinated by anthropology through the studies and findings of Margaret Mead and the Leakey family. I began my studies as an

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Uniting my Dreams

Hi everyone, my name is Ginny Mulé, and I am a current second-year student at Cornell Veterinary School in Ithaca, NY. I participated in the DANTA Primate Behavior Field School on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica during the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college at Stony Brook University. Before DANTA, I had always had an interest

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Maisie’s Introduction!

I’ve done a lot of writing throughout my college career, but I think the hardest ‘assignment’ I’ve ever had is this one – to introduce myself in one short blog post. That’s life, I guess. There are challenges and you just have to put your head down an push through. So here goes…. Growing up along the country roads of

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