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Oh the interesting people I met!

This summer I met several fascinating people from around the world, below are three stories that I recently wrote for other sites including a Botanical Illustrator, Anthrozoologist and Parahawker: For the Love of Plants Meet botanical illustrator Mindy Lighthipe, who practices environmental activism through art. and From Anthropologist To Anthrozoologist: Meet Patricia K. Anderson Her love for birds started this

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Blue tongue skinks

Six years ago I was taking an Australian wildlife class in Queensland, Australia.  I stayed late after a laboratory session and was walking back to my apartment alone. The sun had set and the only light was coming off the metallic buildings. I had trained myself to look down at the ground for the chance of spotting unique or dangerous

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The C words

Knowledge is power and one of my favorite forms of knowledge is vocabulary. When I took a field course in Costa Rica for three weeks, studying rainforest animals, I committed to memory three terms that I use often when talking about animals and pets. In college, I was also taught that one of the best ways to not only remember,

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