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Going Green: Toothbrushes

On my Facebook, I follow an organization called the “Plastic Pollution Coalition.” They share many different things, talking about which items are recyclable, states that have banned plastic bags (go California!), and other issues regarding plastic use. This past week, they talked toothbrushes. A toothbrush? Really? I thought to myself. I’ve recycled all my life, and often feel guilty about

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Resource Spotlight: Project WILD

As an educator, I am ALL about getting new teaching material. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a non-traditional educator, teaching resources have something for everyone. Look for the “Resource Spotlight” header on posts for a window into potential new activities for the class!   Having been part of a naturalist training program, I was very privileged to have

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What is Environmental Education?

What is Environmental Education? This is a question I am often asked when I identify myself as an “Environmental Educator.” More often than not, less informed people equate it with “tree hugger,” or “hippie.” Those stereotypes are only a couple labels that could potentially fall under the large umbrella that is environmental education, also known as EE. The Definition The

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