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The Veterinary [Student] Perspective: Is Antibiotic-Free the Way to Be?

Go to the meat refrigerator in any grocery store, and you’re guaranteed to see it: the organic meats section. Littered with happy-sounding-phrases like “antibiotic free” and “free-range,” it makes you as a consumer feel happier about the choices you’re making both for your own health and for the sake of the animals you’re consuming. But, does antibiotic-free really mean that

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Resource Spotlight: Project WILD

As an educator, I am ALL about getting new teaching material. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a non-traditional educator, teaching resources have something for everyone. Look for the “Resource Spotlight” header on posts for a window into potential new activities for the class!   Having been part of a naturalist training program, I was very privileged to have

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Epigenetics – What does it tell us?

As an organism grows and develops, chemical reactions activate and deactivate parts of the genome at specific locations at critical times. Epigenetics is the study of these chemical reactions and the factors that influence them. Here is a great video that outlines the basic principles of Epigenetics: Why is epigenetics important? It goes against the idea conventional thought that inheritance

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Reflecting on Freshman Year

As a second year Master’s student I am serving as a graduate teaching assistant. There isn’t a need for me to teach every week, but I attend class, grade papers, help students, etc. The students are quickly approaching their mid-term exam which also happens to be their first test. Our most recent class meeting was devoted entirely to answering student

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