A Step Into the Wild: Siobhan’s DANTA Field Course Experience


When I received my acceptance to DANTA’s Primate Behaviour and Conservation field course in Costa Rica last summer, I immediately surfed the web extensively on this country, (a nation slightly smaller than Nova Scotia, or for my American readers, West Virginia). Like any eager traveller, I wanted to know everything about this seemingly utopic, biologist’s mecca. Flanked on either side

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Three-toed sloth

Each year DANTA offers a number of training courses in various aspects of tropical biology. Typically, the courses are one month long but shorter courses are also offered through our organization. The courses are intended for undergraduates or early graduate level students who have a keen interest in tropical biology and conservation, but have little or no experience of working

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Methods in Primate Behavior and Conservation Dates:   Winter Session: January 1-16, 2017 Summer Session: July 15-30, 2017 Application deadline: Winter Session: December 17, 2016 Summer Session: June 1, 2017 Program fee: $2600 Location: Osa Conservation, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Contact: Visit our website and/or email us at conservation@danta.info for more information Course Description This course is designed to provide students

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Social Science in Coastal Environments: Research on the Chincoteague Bay

It is easy to notice an increase desire for knowledge about global warming and climate change. The rapidly changing environment, climate, and ecology raise questions from individuals around the globe from all walks of life. Their origin of knowledge on this phenomenon may vary, but the extent of this event will not change itself, unless we open our minds to

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Sexual Conflict in Nonhuman Primates: A Female’s Perspective


by Lisa Barrett Sexual conflict is the clash between evolutionary interests of males and females. It stems from anisogamy, the discrepant sizes of the male and female gametes (sperm and eggs, respectively). Think: eggs are bigger and more costly to produce; sperm is cheap and plentiful. These gametic differences lead to (sometimes) opposing reproductive interests and strategies for the sexes– a

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Primate Connections 2017 Calendars!


What fundraising project brings together 13 primate conservation organizations, numerous independent wildlife photographers, primate conservation societies, zoos, and various youth and educational organizations, all in the name of primate conservation? The 2017 Primate Connections calendar, of course! Click here to view entire calendar. We are especially excited as Dr. Jane Goodall has again officially endorsed the project! Through the purchase of a

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